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The world is changing exponentially. Many of us already feel overwhelmed by the fire-hose stream of information and data we get every day. What is true, what is false and how does that impact my daily life. If regular citizens are facing these issues, imagine this issue and how it impacts economic developers. 

There is a solution! BespokeFuture™, a program and offering created by VC+P provides economic developers, economic development organizations and stakeholders an opportunity to create their own future and absorb the rapid changes in our world today. BespokeFuture™was developed after years of pondering and wondering how economic development and communities can be more effective at anticipating the future of work, cities, society, politics manufacturing and the political environment. 

BespokeFuture™ includes series of offerings that stand alone or can be integrated into an economic development strategic plan, attraction strategy, business retention and expansion program or any other part of the economic development landscape.

While VC+P has specific programs to offer, ask about how they can be customized to your specific economic development, community, or organizational issue:

The Future of…™ Workshops and Cornerstone Keynotes -- What is the Future of (fill in the blank)? Everyone wants to know what the future looks like. Every economic developer wants to know who to recruit, what industries or business sector is the next hottest thing. While we can’t predict the future, we can create educated and plausible scenarios and pull ourselves to the future we want. Martin K. Vanags, founder of VC+P has developed a series of presentations, workshops and keynotes that address:

The Future of Work/Jobs/Employment – What does the future of work look like? What type of jobs can we expect in the future and what skills will we need to secure those jobs? How will societal, technological, economic, environmental and political trends and driving forces impact jobs. This highly researched and compelling presentation provides the listener with everything they need to know to be competitive and valid in the future. 

The Future of Cities/Rural/Suburban – The City is on the rise and rural areas are suffering. What about the suburbs? How will those driving forces impact how and where we live. How will our infrastructure keep up? This presentation answers some of these questions and provides an inquisitive scenario of the future for all or one of these places we live.

The Future of Transportation/Infrastructure – How we get to the place we live; work and play is changing. Where we live has an impact on this as does technology and the other driving trends such as the environment and the political landscape. The evolution of transportation and its impact on the future is explored in this presentation keynote. 

The Future of Economic Development – The process in which companies determine where they will relocate, expand or grow depends on many different factors, trends and riving forces. The Political landscape, the players and sovereigns on the world stage to local politics all have an impact on whether a community can be successful.

The Future of (your community?) – “Fill in the blank”! What does the future of your community look like? What scenarios can you expect. This presentation requires work on the part of your organization (see below)

The Future of™ program can be conducted as a stand-alone presentation or keynote or can be combined into a workshop with Board members, stakeholders, business and community leaders. 

2. Strategic Planning/Foresight Planning and Implementation

The process of developing a strategic plan using typical linear processes can provide an organization with guidance and assistance in developing a work-plan and goals for the community. However, what if these plans and goals don’t line up with current driving forces, and the potential changes coming to the community in the future? These driving forces can be societal, technological, economic, environmental, political or others. Being able to consider these driving forces is what a strategic Foresight plan considers. 

A Strategic Foresight Plan allows economic development organizations to plan a future by creating plausible and achievable scenarios that are sensitive to reality. A Strategic Foresight plan will give economic development organizations an opportunity to pull themselves to the future they want versus having the future happen to them. The offerings include:

Focal Issue Determination -- The focal issue is often related to what keeps you up at night. What is the pressing issue regarding economic development or prosperity in your community? New issues will be uncovered and become part of further efforts. 

Implementation of an Environmental Scanning System-- Scanning allows us to explore and interpret both our internal and external environments in order to better understand how emerging issues will affect us in the future. The scanning process broadens our thinking allowing us to create new ideas and challenging the “way we always do things”. 

Uncovering Biases – We will challenge the economic development organization or community to consider other worldviews that may lead to different conclusions, What are the biases that cause the community to stay stagnant and not move beyond simple economic development opportunities. What are the ideas and trends outside the community or organization that can be counter intuitive to the inherent biases? 

Scenario Planning -- We will create scenarios to funnel the newly acquired futures intelligence into our present-day decision-making processes. The power of these tools is directly linked to creating scenarios that are not prescriptive, but open-ended in the way that they speak to our organizations and initiatives.

Contact VC+P for more information about how to conduct Strategic Planning using the Natural Foresight Method pioneered by Kedge. 

3. Strategic Foresight Training for Economic Developers – VC+P can provide Strategic Foresight training for individual economic development professionals, economic development teams, boards, and community stakeholders. WE will use the Natural Foresight method of explore, create, map and discover to develop skills and a foresight discipline for your organization. 

Every training package is specific to your needs and designed around the goals you or your organization wants to achieve through adoption of strategic foresight methods


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