Economic Development Consultation


Communities are all engaged in economic development. Some do it well and others are yearning for more success. We can help in the following areas: 

-Administration and Organizational Development

-Marketing & communication, 

-Fundraising and capital creation  

-Strategic planning

-Strategic foresight, Innovation and creativity design 

-Entrepreneurship development 

-Business retention and expansion, 

-Real Estate Development

-Talent Attraction

Strategic Foresight


Strategic Foresight is used in companies, governments and organizations across the globe. Predicting the future is not possible but creating, managing and developing the strategies that pull the future to you is possible through the use of Strategic Foresight or Futures Thinking. We can help by:

- Conducting Focal Question Studies

- Developing Strategic Foresight Infrastructure

- Workshops on Strategic Foresight

-Integration of Strategic Foresight into the Strategic Planning Process

Leadership and Exponential Human Performance


How can you perform better as a leader in your company or organization?  What does it take to to get the next level? What will it take to be recognized and promoted to the next level? We can help through:

- Individual Coaching and performance analysis.

- Development of Flow Triggers for increased performance

-Group Flow workshops and programs

-Individual Flow coaching

- Mastermind Programs

- Group Meetings