The Future

The future is near. It is in fact the very next moment. What will the future look like for you or for your community. As a professional economic developer most of my career I have always thought of the future. We economic developers always do, it’s imperative that we do so.

I believe the economic development profession should embrace the future and Futures Thinking, also sometimes called Strategic Foresight, or Scenario Planning. What is futures thinking? It is a dicipline that requires leaders to consider alternative scenarios about their community, organization or company. Using Futures Thinking, an economic developer can position their community into a much more competitive stance and build an economy that will thrive in the 21st Century.

How can I help?

Having been trained in Futures Thinking and having it deployed it in communities I can assist your community or economic development organization develop a futures thinking effort. Here is what I can do:

  • Provide an introduction to Futures Thinking and how it works through a one-time presentation, workshop or keynote to your organization or community.
  • Provide training in Strategic Foresight process for your organization or community (this can be in combination with the above presentation)
  • Conduct a Strategic Foresight planning process on single focus question…”What is the future of…(fill in the blank).”

Wait, there’s more…

Closely Related to Futures Thinking and Strategic Foresight is the whole idea of non-linear thinking. I have experience and can provide your organization and community with services such as:Innovation and Ideation workshops

  • Redesign of programs, offerings or services using Design Thinking concepts
  • Board Relations and stakeholder engagement
  • Human Performance programs and organizational development

Reach Out…

by calling me at 518-450-3250 or emailing me with your questions or thoughts at