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Join me in Mastermind with the very best Economic Development Professionals. Launching soon, so don't hesitate...

Design Thinking

Design Thinking for Organizations will create new opportunities for you and the organization you serve. Learn how this mindset can unleash creativity.

Futures Thinking

Have you thought about your Communities Future? Learn more about how a Futures Thinking mindset can change your world



A Mastermind is not a character from a James Bond or Austin Powers movie, rather it is an opportunity for experienced and performance hungry executives to get together and learn from each other. Learn more about the Mastermind Groups I host. Space is limited and various launch dates are available, so act quickly

Futures Thinking 

Futures Thinking is a decades old discipline that gives planners and strategists the ability to create alternative future scenarios. Become a Futurist and learn hoe to place your community or organization into  amore competitive situation. Learn more about Futures Thinking training or single focal point analysis here. 

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Design Thinking

Consumer product compoanies have been using design thinking to develop empathetic and user-friendly products, and software. How about organizations?  Learn how to implement  Design Thninking in your organization here. 

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