Economic Development

Economic Development is one of those things that everyone knows about and has an opinion on. Everybody wants economic development in their community. So how do we achieve it? In my thirty years of economic development, community development, business and entrepreneurship development I have seen just about everything.

My goal is to educate and democratize everyone on how economic development works (and sometimes doesn’t). There are many misconceptions regarding economic development, how it is done, and what the impacts are. I hope I can help you demystify some of not for you.

I’m Available…


My goal a s speaker is to provide the audience with some compelling things to think about as it relates to the future of their community, organization, or business. What is the future and why is it important? How can you think about the future to build a community or business to be better, stronger and more resilient?

If you need a speaker at your next annual meeting or event I can provide a keynote on any variety of topics related to economic development.


Here are some of the topics I have spoken on:

  • The Future of Work/Jobs/Workplace
  • The Future of Cities/Rural
  • The Future of Economic Development
  • The Future of Transportation
  • The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on our Lives
  • Economic Development 101
  • Getting in the Zone — High Performance for Economic Developers
  • One Voice — Developing a Community Agenda

I can speak on any of the topics above or we can develop one together!

To arrange a presentation or keynote call 518-450-3250 or email me at